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K square provides you with fully satisfied constructions project in your mind. Our technical expertise includes building constructions, temporary building and road maintenance. We have skillful workers who are specialists in this field with several years of experience. They have a firsthand knowledge on using various instruments safely and effectively.


01. Founded in 2013

K square has rendered a whole hearted service to all the customers with complete satisfaction. We have more than 8 years of experience on this field. You can see our expertise through many constructions like railways, high way, Building Construction, garden plans. These are just a model but we are ready to make even more than you have on your mind.

02. Strong Family Values

We respect and take the responsibility of making a property which suits all your family members. Family and home are inseparable ones. Thus we energize strong family values by constructing a happy home. 

03. solid work ethic

K square has people who make flawless constructions with professional ethics. Work is the first priority of our group and we love to surprise you with an exceptional accommodation. 

04. Passionate Experts

We are not united for our work but for your dream properties. Our only passion is to see happiness in client’s face. Thus all our workers work with same compassion of satisfying the clients and their family.

Our Latest Projects

Modern Park


Sundar Plaza


K Square Civil Constretion

2 BHK Home

Kulayankarisal, Thoothukudi.

Modern Gym


Our Clients

                                                                We have number of Reverential clients who have trusted us completely and we made their dreams come true. 

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