Are you worried about other services in Construction? Don’t worry, we have a multi Faceted service available in K square. We would like to provide a fullest work satisfaction to our clients. Thus we have so many services like

Building design

Let your dreams get life. We have many referential models for you to have an idea of how your construction looks after elevation. Definitely you may have so many ideas regarding your dream home.  Our building designs will help to have live look at your construction and make some necessary modifications. This is one of the unique features of k square for clients to have an exact idea of the building.

Plan approval

Are you worried about getting your formalities done? Don’t worries! k square ensure that your building plan and other formalities regarding the construction is done with proper officials. We have senior civil engineers who have firsthand experience and can get your works done without wasting time. All the difficulties are just a piece of cake in k square.


Estimation is the process of giving an idea to clients about the expenses and other calculation regarding the construction. In k square everything is done with minimal with quality assurance. We have so many direct and whole sale trader of construction material. With minimum money maximum quality and satisfaction of the customer ensured.


Starting from building plan your entire dream construction is ours. We make sure that the building comes out well, and our clients are fully satisfied. Materials, engineers, labors all are kept ready for the construction and we have so many experts to make your dream come true.

3D elevation

There are only few construction sites that can provide a 3D view of your construction. We are proud to say that k square is one among those sites. By showing a 3D elevated view of the construction clients can see the finished look of their home. Using advanced technologies, this method is enhanced in our company only to make our clients happy.

Labor contract

We have so many skillful labors for different kind of work like constructing, painting and furnishing your home. We have engineers who work on the field to accomplish the task our home easily. All the works are done in ease with k square.